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Patients come first at Deaconess Medical Center

When people in our community hear the name Empire Health Services, they may not immediately recognize our name. But they definitely know who we are through our affiliates Valley Hospital and Medical Center and Deaconess Medical Center.

The mission of Empire Health Services can best be described in a letter we received from an eight year old boy (reproduced as we received it):

Dear deacones,

My name is Ted. My Mom was in a bad accident. The ambulence brought her to deacones. My anut Mary brought me and Ben who is my little brother to wait and see how she was going to live.

I am 8 and Ben is 4. We waited for hours and hours. I fell aslepp. Ben was crying and I woke up. Ben was sitting on a ladys lap and she was hugging him. The lady said our Mom was going to be okay. I think she was an angel. Anut Mary said she was a nurse.

I am sending you my allowance because I am so happy you made my mom better. Maybe you can save another kids mom with the money too.


Ted and Ben

Regardless of which facility you visit, the care is consistent with the experience of this little boy and his family. We combine state of the art technology that is "high tech" with compassionate and sensitive care that is also "high touch."

We are a team of healthcare professionals dedicated to improving the health status of our community…one patient at a time. Indeed, this is more than a job. This is our mission.

Thomas M. White
President and CEO
Empire Health Services

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