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About Deaconess Spokane's leading medical facility

As a regional healthcare hub, Deaconess Medical Center is proud of its collaborative partnerships with other hospitals in Spokane. Deaconess recognizes the importance of bringing affordable healthcare to the Inland Northwest. Through collaboration, the goal of reducing costs and improving patient care has been realized.

The following services are offered through our partners in healthcare:

  • Children's Miracle Network
  • Community Health Education & Resources (CHER)
  • Information Resource Management
  • Inland Northwest Genetics Clinic
  • Inland Northwest Health Services (INHS)
  • Northwest MedStar
  • Northwest MedVan
  • Northwest TeleHealth
  • Regional Outreach and Management
  • Spokane MedDirect
  • St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute
  • The EHS Family

    Deaconess is part of the EHS family, a locally owned and operated network consisting of two major hospitals, four urgent care centers, and several other important health care entities.
    More About EHS

    Children's Miracle Network
    The mission of Children's Miracle Network (CMN) is to generate funds and build awareness programs to benefit children and children's programs at affiliated hospitals, including Deaconess Medical Center. CMN has raised more than $900,000 annually benefiting many facilities throughout the region. CMN attributes this success to the tremendous support it receives from affiliated hospitals and the regional business community. For more information on CMN, please call (509) 473-6370 or visit the website at www.cmnspokane.org
    Community Health Education & Resources (CHER)
    Community Health Education & Resources provides educational resources throughout the Inland Northwest. Available classes include topics such as: asthma, babysitting basics, basic life support, cancer education, diabetes education, community health forums, first aid, lifestyle series, osteoporosis education, nutrition, parenthood, professional conferences, poison prevention, stress management, senior programs, women's health, teens and tobacco free education. For more information, please call CHER at (509) 473-6960, or visit its website for schedules of upcoming available classes at www.cherspokane.org
    Information Resource Management
    Information Resource Management (IRM) is the unique information technology division providing integrated computer and information systems to Spokane and regional healthcare community. IRM manages information technology needs for Spokane hospitals as well as hospital information systems for dozens of regional hospitals. Through IRM, regional hospitals share information allowing hospitals and physicians to access secure individual patient information.
    Inland Northwest Genetics Clinic
    The Inland Northwest Genetics Clinic helps patients and families understand the contributions of heredity to specific medical conditions, including cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, some forms of breast and ovarian cancer and hemophilia.

    Who benefits from a genetic consultation?

  • Adults with two or more close relatives who have developed cancer such as breast, ovarian or colon cancer at an early age.
  • Adults concerned about a family history of adult onset diseases such as Huntington's disease, polycystic kidney disease or early onset Alzheimer's disease.
  • Couples who have a child with mental retardation, a birth defect, or other known genetic disorders (e.g. cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, muscular dystrophy.)
  • Couples with a family history of birth defects or inherited diseases.
  • Pregnant women who have concerns arising from abnormal results of testing performed during pregnancy (e.g. blood tests or ultrasound exams).
  • Women at an increased risk of having a baby with a birth defect because of his age.
  • Couples with a history of three or more miscarriages, or who have had an unexplained stillbirth.
  • Pregnant women concerned about exposure to medication.
    Inland Northwest Health Services (INHS)
    INHS is a non-profit corporation formed by Deaconess Medical Center, Holy Family Hospital, Sacred Heart Medical Center and Valley Hospital and Medical Center in Spokane to find and implement collaborative healthcare opportunities.

    INHS oversees a variety of healthcare companies and services including:
  • Children's Miracle Network
  • Community Health Education & Resources
  • Information Resource Management
  • Northwest MedStar
  • Northwest MedVan
  • Northwest Telehealth
  • Regional Outreach and Management
  • Spokane MedDirect
  • St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute

  • Northwest MedStar
    Northwest MedStar is the region's premier air ambulance transport service with a full range of transport and medical services. It was formed in 1994 to reduce costs and improve patient transport operations. Since its formation, MedStar has flown more than 12,000 accident-free missions, transporting more than 15,000 patients. MedStar serves a four-state region comprised of Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon.
    Northwest MedVan
    Northwest MedVan transports patients from their homes to their hospital appointments and back again free of charge. MedVan's five vans run from 5:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday. For more information, please call (509) 473-6377.
    Northwest TeleHealth
    Northwest TeleHealth, a unique telemedicine network, allows a patient in need of a specialist's treatment to access this type of care from a distant location. Northwest TeleHealth sites use video monitors, specialized cameras, microphones and diagnostic equipment that permits live interaction between patients and their specialists who are miles apart. Northwest TeleHealth also offers community health education classes to promote community awareness of health-related issues for the public.
    Regional Outreach and Management
    Regional Outreach is a service providing regional management and clinical education and coordination. Clinical and educational experience through Northwest TeleHealth is a major function of Regional Outreach, linking regional health offices and urban medical centers. These education offerings not only bring regional staff the latest in healthcare information, but the classes also bring regional providers in closer touch with the services offered at Spokane-area hospitals.
    Spokane MedDirect
    Spokane MedDirect is the source for 3,000 regional physicians and mid-level practitioners for patient referral, consultation, information and research. Many Spokane physicians have signed on to take calls from their rural colleagues. Every specialty available in Spokane is represented.
    St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute
    St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute is the only rehabilitation hospital in the region dedicated solely to medical rehab. It offers state-of-the-art technology and treatment for children and adults in a comfortable, barrier-free environment. Diagnoses may include: amputation, arthritis, cancer, chronic pain, stroke, work injury, brain injury, orthopaedic injury, developmental disability and spinal cord injury.
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